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10 Cradock Street, City Centre, Swansea SA1 3EW


About Us

Opened in December 1984, Steak By Night was opened by Mr Man and Mike Sullivan. Mr Man had already made a name for himself in Swansea, opening several successful businesses, including one of the first Chinese takeaway in Swansea. Mike was helping run Jack Sullivan's beer merchants along with his brother John. Steak By Night was an overnight success story, with the busking nightlife of Swansea at the time, having a restaurant open til the early hours was a great novelty, set to remain for many years after. The restaurant always has, and always will, pride itself on buying the highest quality cuts of meat, never scrimping on costs or portion sizes, while always striving to maintain fantastic value for money. Mike left the restaurant after around 7 years, and Mr Man continued to run the business until handing the reigns to his son Andrew in 1994. To this day, Andrew is still an integral part of the business, being there day in, day out and making sure all his customers receive the personal touch of an independent business in an era where chains and big brands are taking over.


Maybe something that did suffer was the décor, something that stuck with the restaurant for near on 20 years. With red velvet seating and red carpet on the lower walls, Steak By Night looked somewhat similar to how many steakhouses looked in London in the eighties. Little would it be planned that it would last into the new Millennium. The restaurant underwent a facelift in 2005, although many people didn't notice. People didn't come to Steak By Night for the décor, they came because the food was second to none and to this day, there are many residents of Swansea who claim they do not eat steak anywhere else but here; a fantastic compliment to the business.


In September 2010 the restaurant had a kitchen fire that would see it close its doors for 5 months. Most of the staff had to find other jobs, and reopening the restaurant was a real task. Plenty of man hours were put in and the restaurant reopened its doors on 3rd march 2011, after missing what should have been a very busy Christmas period. There was still a substantial amount of work to be done in the restaurant, but with little funds, the doors opened anyway and whatever wasn't done, would be completed in time. Two years on, the restaurant is gearing up for another facelift, looking forward to transforming the customer experience to keep up with what we feel our customers want. We are always looking for suggestions from our very loyal customers, and although we are sometimes unable to carry out all requests, we strive very hard to continue the business in a customer-orientated way.

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Swansea's Famous Steak House