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10 Cradock Street, City Centre, Swansea SA1 3EW


In 2011, after deliberations on how to supersize our meals and succumb to the Man V Food revolution, we came up with the 40oz MEGA Mixed Grill. It consists of:  2 x Rump Steaks, 1 x Gammon Steak, 1 x Pork Steak, 1 x Lamb Chop, 5 x Spicy, Wings, 3x Sausages, 3 x Eggs, 1 x Garlic Bread, Chips & Peas


The first few months saw many takers for the new meal that we called Mr Man’s Mega Mixed Grill. There were many completions, and one guy even asked for dessert afterwards. A task many couldn’t imagine after eating such a feast. We admire anyone willing to take on the huge challenge and have dedicated a ‘MEGA Wall’ to photos of some of the people that took it on in the first few months. See if you can spot yourself.

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